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Now, how to use this data to improve the blog. – – lw ;?)

Technology and all that

Data, a simple concept of numbers, words, codes, databases and information have become the central layer and the point of control within the internet economy. According to Tim O’Reily ‘Data is an Asset and it is the principal asset of competitive power“; hence coined the phrase ‘Data is the next Intel inside’. The Value of such data on the semantic web grows with its users and the content. As the value of user data increases, services are increased providing with more functionality interactivity, enhancing the core data. Typical examples of such services are Google Services, especially Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is an expert web service that which tracks and stores data of every visitor to an individual specified. The complexity of data collected on Google Analytics range from how a user got to the site,  browsing data, geographical location, duration of the stay and the user browser compatibilities…

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