Drop Open

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Drop Open.

One way that Buddhism informs today’s situation is in the focus on change. It must have been difficult for students in ancient Tibet to conceive of change, given that their society was very stable for thousands of years, with no change in population, and likely little change in technology.

Today we are flooded with change, and it is hard to find stability. It is easier for us to see this aspect of Buddhist teaching. Meditation techniques and mind training help us deal with change. Change is life, like the “clouds described as the magical creations of the sky.” We learn to sit in the middle of the swirling confusion, holding our seat, finding the stillness that is always here. There’s no need to worry that the sky is falling because we have smart phones with us all the time – these are tools at our service. Things still are just as they are.

Another way that Buddhist teachings assist us today is in the development of attention and insight; mind training that enables us to see what is needed, what is useful, from all that is before us. We need this focus to successfully search and filter information to discover the important, innovative ideas amidst the sea of noise.

The coming generations will grow up in a world where the norm is access to any information. This will certainly change the way we view knowledge and wisdom. The skills needed will be searching and filtering information, which is easily stored and made available by technology, and creation of knowledge and wisdom that can only be done by humans.

Perhaps this is the best time to know of Buddha’s teachings, because they address the very problems that we have, as always.



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