The mind: bigger on the Inside

Posted: January 14, 2014 in brain, Buddhism, cognition/consciousness, reality-physics & philosophy

“Being Bigger on the Inside is not just limited to architecture such as buildings and other physical structures. Within media it can also apply to living creatures with incredibly spacious internal anatomy that characters who enter it eventually discover. Usually if terrestrial in origin, and not otherworldly or supernatural, then Artistic License – Biology has been employed. If extraterrestrial, then its simply a case of Bizarre Alien Biology at work.”

via Main/Bigger on the Inside – Television Tropes & Idioms.

//I’ve been trying to draw a Venn Diagram showing the differences between the representationalist, materialist scientific view of an objective reality independent of our investigations, and the Buddhist perspective.

The Buddhist view has the world of experience containing everything we sense, perceive, think, feel – including the so-called external world, since it is also perceived through our senses and thoughts. If you think of the mind as in, or dependent on, the brain (a limited view, but common), then our world of experience includes everything: there is no outside.

So, seeing the brain, it seems to be true – it is bigger on the inside. :?)




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