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In terms of history, the events in Middle East, of ISIS and all of that, is just a speed bump on history’s highway. The Middle East is not very important. Silicon Valley is much more important. It’s the world of the 21st century … I’m not speaking only about technology.

In terms of ideas, in terms of religions, the most interesting place today in the world is Silicon Valley, not the Middle East. This is where people like Ray Kurzweil, are creating new religions. These are the religions that will take over the world, not the ones coming out of Syria and Iraq and Nigeria.

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VISION OF THE FUTURE – MARSHALL ROSENBERG – YouTube. Workshops also available on YouTube! More of this, please!

HumTech2014 will provide a forum for scientists, engineers, technologists, field workers and policymakers to discuss current research and exchange technical ideas that have a global humanitarian impact.

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Convergence of ICT and Biology

The convergence between biology and ICT has reached a point at which it can turn tthe goal of understanding the human brain into a reality. It is this realisation that motivates the Human Brain Project – an EU Flagship initiative in which over 80 partners will work together to realise a new \”ICT-accelerated\” vision for brain research and its applications.

One of the major obstacles to understanding the human brain is the fragmentation of brain research and the data it produces. Our most urgent need is thus a concerted international effort that uses emerging emerging ICT technologies to integrate this data in a unified picture of the brain as a single multi-level system.

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It will never be entirely possible to systematically distinguish truly dangerous ideas from good ones that appear suspicious, without trying them out. Any formal system that is granted (or assumes) the absolute power to protect itself against dangerous ideas will of necessity also be defensive against original and creative thoughts. And, for both human beings individually and for human society collectively, that will be our loss. This is the fatal flaw in the ideal of a security state.


Solar Mamas – Hilton LightStay Sustainability Award

“Solar Mamas” documents the amazing story of the Barefoot College, where women from all over the world, many of whom have never had any formal education, are trained to become solar engineers so that they can bring electricity back to their homes. The film is one of the first honored by the Hilton Worldwide LightStay Sustainability Award, an award created by Hilton Worldwide and Sundance Institute to acknowledge documentaries that showcase the connections between sustainability, economic growth and community development.

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THIS IS WATER – By David Foster Wallace

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Rheingold is not alone in his ideas about how meditation can help focus attention when online. Researcher David Levy recently provided evidence on how learning how to meditate can train the mind to focus. Read How Meditating Helps With Multitasking. In his study, Levy said those who learned how to meditate were able to keep on task better than those who didn’t. “They realized they didn’t have to respond to everything right away, not everything is urgent,” Levy said. “They felt more in control, less tense, less afraid.”

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RSA Animate – Crises of Capitalism – YouTube.

Simple tool in creative hands = Powerful Communication

The American Century Is Over—Good Riddance – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Dr. Bacevich talks of an American Century that, if it ever existed,  has now passed with the evolving global crises. “Strategy is actually a fraud perpetrated by those who covet power and are intent on concealing from the plain folk the fact that the people in charge are flying blind. With only occasional exceptions, the craft of strategy was a blight on the American Century.”

In my opinion, most of the elected members of our governing system lack the ability to hold in mind opinions and ideas other than their own, and thus, are incapable of productive civil discourse. Until or unless we can reboot our own democracy and focus it on the looming crises of our day, we have nothing of value to teach other nations. We cannot be a force for world good until we can come together as a people with multiple interests but a common respect for each other.