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Metaphors for digital interaction

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Ideas, Story
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“….Our interaction in digital networked technologies is complex, dynamic and evolving, and … we need new metaphors to be able to explain theses interactions. Metaphors and storytelling have always been important ways in which we communicate with others and share meaning. In the early days of the Internet the discourse centred on notions of time and space, essentially replicating our physical existence into the virtual environment. We talked of virtual universities, cafes, libraries, etc. However, I think today‚Äôs interactions are much more complex than that and in this post I want to explore some alternative discourses, namely:

  • Ecologies
  • Memes
  • Learning spaces
  • Rhizomes


//I like the metaphor of ecologies, because it affords interactivity among multiple players and ideas, that are not available in a rhizome or meme frame. The internal language of ecologies would require development. – – lw ;?)